Orlando Reef Divers

Orlando Reef Diver

A recreational SCUBA diving club in Central Florida.

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Orlando Reef Divers Club Links:

Welcome to Orlando Reef Divers. The Icons below are links to web sites that are created and maintain by the members of our club. We hope that you will explore the world of Reef Diving and find that our media outlets helpful in your diving adventure.
ORD FaceBook

ORD's FaceBook page.

Click here for Orlando Reef Diver's FaceBook page that contains many SCUBA related posts on dive activities by the diving community.


ORD's MeetUp site.

Click here to access our club's upcoming dives, activities and video link to our by-monthly meetings.


ORD's YouTube channel.

Click here to see the latest videos from our club's dives and dive reports.


Tibby's Restaurant

Clink here for the location of our club's by-monthly meeting place.

ORD's Calendar

ORD's Calendar

Click here to access our club's monthly event calendar.

ORD's By-Laws

ORD's By-Laws/Policy

Click here to access the ByLaws and policies and procedures of Orlando Reef Divers.

Non-Club Links:

The non-club Icons below are links to web sites that contain valuable SCUBA diving information, discussions on various diving topics and will greatly elevate your diving experience. Please Note: Orlando Reef Divers Club does not affiliate with any dive shop or commercial diving activity. We do not advocate one vendor over any other. (Bylaws Article III, Section 1)


Undercurrent is an independent source of consumer dive site, equipment and travel information for divers.

Divers Alert Network

Divers Alert Network

Divers Alert Network (DAN), a nonprofit organization, exists to provide expert medical information for the benefit of the diving public.



Scubaboard is SCUBA diver forum with e dicussions by divers on topics such as: Cave diving, dive travel and equipment.


Dive Talk

Dive Talk is a SCUBA YouTube channel that discuses various dive topics.


Lake Hickory SCUBA

Lake Hickory SCUBA is a YouTube channel that have many dive related videos.

Pura Vida Divers

Pura Vida Dive Charter

Pura Vida Diver is a dive charter operation located in Rivera Beach Florida.

Logger Head Dive Charters

Loggerhead Dive Charters

Loggerhead Dive Charters is located in the Two Georges Marina in Boynton Beach Florida.

Jupiter Dive Charters

Jupiter Dive Center

Jupiter Dive Center is located in Jupiter Florida.

Pirate Paridise Dive Charters

Pirate Paridise Dive Charters

Pirate Paridise Dive Charters is located in Rivera Beach Florida.



SCUBA World is a dive traning and equipment organization located in Orlando Florida.



The National Association of Underwater Instructors is a non-profit association of scuba instructors.



The Professional Association of Diving Instructors is a recreational diving membership and diver training organization.